Frequently Asked Questions

You can book placenta services by going to the "Book Us" tab, fill ou the form and include what packages you would like, your due date, and 3 dates & times you are available so we can set up a quick 30min consultation.

During the consultation we will go over proper storage of placenta after birth, pick up process, encapsulation process and more.

We use the steamed method (also known as the heated or TCM method). This method involves steaming the placenta for 5-10mins prior to slicing and placing in the dehydrator. This method is recommend if you are GBS+ and if your specialist cant process your placenta within 24hrs after birth.

If you are unsure about encapsulation you can have someone take your placenta home and place in your freezer. Your placenta is safe in your refrigerator freezer for 6 months and deep freezer for 12 months.

First you want to have your birth plan and ensure that your birth team know you plan to take your placenta with you/ have specialist or someone pick it up, you also want to bring a small coolerl/insulated bag and a few gallon freezer bags or container to store your placenta in until your specialist areas.

In the rare case that they request to have your placenta sent you ask that they examine it in your room or that they cut a small portion to take to pathology.

Once your placenta is taken to pathology consumption is no longer suitable due to cross contamination and the possible use of formaldehyde. Your Placenta cannot be encapsulated after so its important that you discuss with your provider your desires, reason for them want to send it and risk.

If you want to have a lotus birth encapsulation would not be suitable due the placanta being left out at room temperature for a long period of time but you have options. You could cut off a portion of your placenta to make a few capsules or make a broth or even better cut into chunks to make a few smoothies for you. If this interest you pls reach out to us and we can gladly help.

Remember this should be done right after birth and the portion that you want to consume should be stored properly.

You can still encapsulate. delayed cord clamping can be done up to 2hrs and then the placenta must be put on ice, placed in the refrigerator until your specialist arrives for pick up.

Here is a quick overview of the steps/ process:

Your specialist will:

  • Thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the work space and covers the area and sets out all supplies
  • If you book for keepsakes and prints, the print is done and then the cord is cut off and placed to the side
  • Places your placenta in the steamer for about 5-10mins
  • Cut your placenta into thin strips and place in dehydrator for 8-20hrs
  • Take out of dehydrator and test to make sure all pieces are completely dehydrated and then blend the pieces into a fine powder and place into capsules

Soon as you have your baby. Also let us know when you go into labor so will be prepared.

You can still encapsulate. We thoroughly wash and steam your placenta