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A Wombyns Rites

Advanced Yoni Steam Plan

Advanced Yoni Steam Plan

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Want a more tailored yoni steam plan and more guidance? We got you.

Lets dive deep into your current womb womb health and create a plan to help you get on the right track. During this one on one 40min consultation we will:

  • Go over your intake form
  • Create a custom yoni steam plan thats completely tailored to your needs and concerns
  • Discuss what steam blend and herb categories will work best for you
  • Discuss your current lifestyle and how you can make diet, exercise and other  lifestyle changes to support your womb and overall wellbeing and see the best results 
  • After purchase fill out the intake form

Scheduling Consultation:

  • After purchasing you will receive an email to set up a date and time

Follow ups:

  • Its highly recommended to stick this plan for a min of 3mths but if you are having any concerns reach out to me and we will make changes but if everything is going good after the 3mths book a follow up consultation so we can discuss your experience and make any necessary changes
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