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A Wombyns Rites

Feminine Ease Tea

Feminine Ease Tea

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Give your womb and overall feminine health a boost with feminine ease. This tea blend was created for overall wombyns health supporting hormones, digestion and the liver, as those are all vital components to our health, our cycles and fertility. 

If you are looking to add extra nutrients, support menstruation, your hormones, boost fertility, increase creativity and feminine energy this blend is for you!

Benefits of this blend:

    • May tone, strengthen and nourish the womb and body
    • May ease menstrual cramp and heavy bleeding
    • May lower inflammation
    • May support digestion
    • May aid in vaginal lubrication and support healthy libido
    • May improve circulation 
    • May support the liver and lymphatic system
    • May support menopause
    • May support bones and heart health
    • May aid in cleansing and detoxification


Directions: Add 1tsp- 1tbsp to a cup of hot water and allow to steep for up to 30mins or 4hrs up- overnight to make a stronger tea and get the full benefits of the nutritive herbs. Drink cool or warm (preferably warm during the menstrual phase)

Contains 20+ servings

Bonus: Add a sprinkle of lemon for iron absorption!


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