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A Wombyns Rites

Feminine Balance: Yoni steam

Feminine Balance: Yoni steam

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Yoni Steaming is the ultimate womb wellness practice as it can be used too prepare for labor, during postpartum and to promote overall womb wellness. 

  • This is a very gentle blend was created for those who have a bleeding sensitivity (easy to bleed) and is also great blend for youth and teens. If you are experience any of the following this blend is for you:
    • 2 periods a month
    • Bleeding after sex
    • Fresh spotting/ spontaneous bleeding between periods
    • Postpartum with having heavy bleeding, period returns before 9mnths postpartum and or history of short cycles
    • Youth/ teenager before/ after very first period (menarche)

Directions: Place 1tbsp into a stainless steel, ceramic or glass bowl/ pot, bring water to a boil in separate pot and pour over your herbs, cover and let steep for 10mins, once the 10 mins is up rap sheet around waist to trap in heat and squat over your herb pot for 10-30 mins (depending on your steam recommendation)

Recommendation: Book yoni steam plan for a customized steam plan


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