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A Wombyns Rites

Queens Throne: Sitz bath

Queens Throne: Sitz bath

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Our Sitz Baths herbal blend is a must have for postpartum recovery. It increases circulation in the pelvic and urethral area and it helps soothe the perineum, reduce swelling, ease discomfort and more. 

Directions: Place 3tbsp of your sitz bath blend into a 32oz-64oz jar, bring 32 oz of water to a boil and then pour that water into your jar with the herbs, cover and allow to steep for about a hour. Once it has steep strain out the herbs and pour into your sitz bath bowl or a bath tub (water can be just below the navel) and soak for 15-20mins.

Bonus: You can also use this blend for your peri bottle to use as rinse after using the bathroom. Follow same directions, cleaning and changing it out often.   


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